Lipilekha Bangla Association (LBA) is a registered, not-for-profit community organization. It is organized exclusively for the promotion of charitable, cultural and educational ends. The specific purposes are geared towards: (a) promotion of Bengali language and culture; (b) supplemental instruction of Bengali (language and culture) to children; (c) humanitarian aid to disadvantaged children and elderly people of West Bengal, India as well as to those in our local community in and around New York State. Lipilekha is headquartered in Westchester County, NY – but our members are from Metro New York Area – including Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orangeand Dutchess counties from New York, and neighboring counties from New Jersey and Connecticut.

Lipilekha particularly helps US-based Bengali families regroup in order to re-affirm and then share within the larger American community the rich values, language and cultural heritage of Bengal and India.

Dear Members, Pathshala Students and Parents, Patrons and Well-wishers,indrani
Our brand new committee have started operating since the onset of summer. We have been busy planning for picnic. Our picnic will be held on Sunday, Sep 19 at Georges Island Park in Montrose, NY. Our school has started a brand new session since Sep 12. We now have a record enrollment in Bangla School – 40 students in this year.
I encourage you to come to the school and participate in seminars, have good adda with other LBA friends. If you need advice on any issues, please let us know. If you can provide expert assistance in any issue, let us know too. Our seminars are geared exactly for information exchange. We have had seminars on indian culture and customs, health issues, history, geography, and may items of interest. We also host seminars and talks by our senior students on various topics. It is very exciting to see their viewpoints. They need our encouragement and support as they grow up.
After the picnic, we will start preparing for the Bijoya Sammelon. This program will be held on Saturday, Nov 12,2010 in White Plains, NY (at the St Bart’s Church). We have a very ambitious plan to make this show enjoyable and entertaining for you. Please reserve this date in your calendar and attend this program with your family and friends.
Please help us in any way you can. If you have joined recently, please let us know if you can volunteer for some work.
Our community is very close-knit and we will like to remain closely bonded. Sooner or later, everyone knows everyone else.

We respect everyone’s suggestions and opinions.

Wishing you and your families a very pleasant Lipilekha experience,
Thank you and with best regards,

September 13, 2010

Indrani Basu – President, Lipilekha Bangla Association