Lipilekha Bangla Association (LBA) is a registered, not-for-profit community organization. It is organized exclusively for the promotion of charitable, cultural and educational ends. The specific purposes are geared towards: (a) promotion of Bengali language and culture; (b) supplemental instruction of Bengali (language and culture) to children; (c) humanitarian aid to disadvantaged children and elderly people of West Bengal, India as well as to those in our local community in and around New York State. Lipilekha is headquartered in Westchester County, NY – but our members are from Metro New York Area – including Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orangeand Dutchess counties from New York, and neighboring counties from New Jersey and Connecticut.

Lipilekha particularly helps US-based Bengali families regroup in order to re-affirm and then share within the larger American community the rich values, language and cultural heritage of Bengal and India.

THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, WE OFFER YOU Adda with Tea and Snacks, Social and Cultural outings/field trips in and around Manhattan, Annual Picnic by the Hudson River, Bengali School for Children and Adults, Cultural Programs with full dinner, Drama Club for Adults And More
Lipilekha Bangla Association (LBA) is a community-based organization that generates support for the Bengali language and its related culture. Our goal, simply stated, is to help members to regroup as bengalees and in a wider context, as Indians. The main intention is not to alienate as from the global culture and our duties as citizens of the world, but to nurture and enrich us, emotionally, with a touch of home. Here, within the framework of LBA, we can speak our mother-tongue and wallow in nostalgia. If we are so inclined, then we can also get involved with more active voluntary work. There is a niche for everyone and it is one�s inclination and time availability that finally determines how he or she fit in. Needless to say, everyone is welcome.

That means you, your friends, your husband, your wife, your family and your children.

Where are we from?
Our members are based in New York Metro Area, typically from New York City limit to Westchester / Putnam Counties and surrounding locations from New Jersey / Connecticut.

What do we do?

Have regular adda sessions among adults, men and women alike, while the classes are in progress, in accordance with our usual habits. Accompanied by tea and snacks, these sessions are free-style in nature. Topics vary from the world politics to the world cup to the economy to movies and entertainment.
Organize a Bengali School, Lipilekha Bangla Patshala (LBP), for the Bangla education of our children. Our children learn their mother-tongue and attend talks about the culture of their country of origin. This school has been active for over 10 years. Our past graduates and present students socialize via class projects, cultural functions, and other get-togethers. There are three classes for children at various levels. In addition, we have recently started Bangla class for adults.
Host seminars for adults on the relevant issues like estate and will, financial planning, better living, health issues, using computers in everyday life, etc. Host regular seminars for adults and children on cultural topics like history of Bengal and India, Hinduism, Netaji and Gandhiji, and related items
Host three cultural functions during the year (Rabindra Jayanti, Bijoya Dasami, and Saraswati Puja) � all of them include performance of bengali songs, recitation, dance and drama. Other kinds of items such as classical music and a variety of classical dances are also common to these entertainments. The children of LLBP are active participants in these items under the guidance of teachers and other member volunteers. Professional performers often volunteer to enhance these events by teaching the children. Adults also participate in plays, and musical offerings during these events. We regularly invite guest artists and paid performers.
Organize Saraswati Puja in traditional fashion � apart from the cultural function, this is a day long celebration, complete with anjali, aarati, bhog, haate-khari and Prasad.
Organize an annual picnic over the summer, typically in the Westchester county near the Hudson river, complete with breakfast to lunch to dinner. Of course, sports, competitions, and day-long adda.

Please check out event section of our website for latest information on Lipilekha, upcoming events, schedules of school dates, and information on how to cntact us.

How can you join us?
Take a moment to e-mail and/or call any one of the individuals from the list below. We hope that you will be interested in taking an active role in our community, within the school, the Cultural Committee, or otherwise. Please tell us about your interest when you get in touch with us. You can always walk in at the school at the UMC church on the school day at the adda-khana.